Harley-Davidson Insurance was founded in 1993 with the exclusive purpose of protecting the Harley® riding experience for owners of Harley-Davidson® motorcycles. Today, the company is comprised of more than 150 cycle-insurance experts and other professionals - all focused on protecting that experience all across the United States. Through their extensive knowledge of coverages, cost options, and available policies, both you and your Harley are assured of getting the protection you need. Every day, Harley owners tell us firsthand how they appreciate insurance professionals who understand the Harley riding experience and the special needs that go along with it. They value an organization that works hard to make sure they have the right protection and the best value.

How do we provide the best value? By offering multiple policy options and comparing the rates and benefits from several different companies. To do this, Harley-Davidson Insurance partners with some of the industry's leading motorcycle insurance companies to develop programs exclusively for Harley owners. With coverage available in 49 states, there are literally hundreds of coverage options available.

For you and every other Harley owner, our goal is to determine the best match of coverage for your personal needs, as well as the needs of your bike. Harley-Davidson Insurance exists for one reason alone - to protect your Harley riding experience.

For more information about your individual insurance needs, call Harley-Davidson Insurance any day of the week toll-free at 800-832-4449 Ext. 4970. (Monday - Saturday 6am - 6pm; Sunday 8am - 5pm) (PT).