Helmet Hair Tips - As every rider knows, riding can be harsh on your hair – especially if you have longer locks. Did you know that if your hair is “whipping in the wind,” then your ends are actually splitting? Follow these tips to learn how to best manage your hair before – and after – a ride. 

Minimizing Helmet Hair 

  • -  A ponytail is better than nothing, but it’s better to use a hair wrap/clip or braid your hair 
  • -  Or twirl your hair up in a hat, then add a helmet liner before you put on your helmet 
  • -  Don’t pull hair too tightly though, as you risk more breakage  

Hair Product Tips

- If you know you’ll be riding all day ...
o Use a protein spray, detangler or light leave-in conditioner on the ends of your hair o Helps smooth out the cuticle ends 

  • -  Heat/humidity flatten down hair, so use less product in hot weather 
  • -  Rainy days: It’s better to use a mousse, especially for straight or fine hair 

o Put mousse on when hair is wet, then comb through and scrunch 

o As it dries, rub your fingers through to give it form 

  • -  For thicker/shorter hair, a tacky product is better than mousse, but don’t use too much 
  • -  Don’t use thick pomade, such as a “shine” type, in wet/humid weather, as it weighs down hair 
  • -  When you get to your final destination, you can always add more product. 
  • -  Turn head upside down 
  • -  Use a small amount of hair care product or ... 
  • -  A little spray bottle of water 
  • -  Use fingers to work through hair to get kinks out and restore volume 
  • -  The water also adds some moisture to hair and decreases static 
  • -  If you have braided your hair and want to change your style ... 

o Take the braids out, then style it using the curls created from the braid 

Getting Rid of Tangles 

  • -  After your ride, use a wide-tooth comb and start at the ends of your hair, working the knots out as you move up toward the top of your head 
  • -  Start with your bottom layer of hair, then work your way up to the top layers 
    Women-specific Skyline Helmet Features 
  • -  Industry first design for women riders to meet their specific needs for fit and function 
  • -  Patent-pending designs address these needs with a 10mm deeper shell with a lower profile 
  • -  Interlocking liner to allow for a customized fit 
  • -  Anti-static liner to reduce helmet hair 
  • -  Pony-tail cut out fixed lining for a more comfortable fit