Dyno Jet

Superstition Harley-Davidson can DYNO your Bike and your trike! Trike Dyno Tunes available!

DYNOJET 250-IX DYNO Superstition Harley-Davidson continues to provide our customers with the best performance and service options in the Valley. The latest addition to our family is The Dynojet 250-IX; a state of the art tuning and diagnostic tool. It incorporates an integrated air fuel ratio monitor and eddy current braking system. The air fuel ratio monitor allows the technician to precisely graph the air fuel ratio at all rpms. Used in conjunction with the eddy current brake, the technician can simulate road conditions in a controlled environment with accurate repeatability. The Dynojet Dynamometer, paired with one of our expert technicians, can give you the assurance that your bike is running at its full potential. Let the Dynojet Dynamometer find the ideal ignition timing and carburetion specs to make your bike run as smoothly and cleanly as possible. Maximize your bike’s potential by visiting Superstition Harley-Davidson’s Service Department today to book your bike’s appointment.