SHD Team Leaders

Meet the Superstition Harley-Davidson® Team Leaders

General Manager of Superstition Harley-Davidson®

General Manager - Justin Umbs

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Office Manager - Cindi Harrison

I am fortunate to have been a member of the Harley-Davidson® family for over ten years. My challenging position as Office Manager allows me to work with all departments and really enjoy being part of “The Team.” Before coming to the dealership, I worked in accounting departments of banking, manufacturing and transportation industries. You can bet that working for Superstition Harley-Davidson® is the most fun a person can have on the job! I’m the proud Mom of four grown boys with families of their own. Between them, they’ve given me 10 grandchildren! Guess that makes me a Harley-Lovin’ Soccer Grandma and proud to be one!

Parts & Accessories Manager @ Superstition Harley-Davidson®

Parts Manager - Patrick Klingman

Having been in the retail industry for over 40 years and the Harley-Davidson field for about 25 years, I believe I'm starting to get the hang of it. I spent my younger years in a small town full of fishermen, loggers and refinery workers. It was a great time to grow up and I had several role models that helped mold me into whom and what I am today. I have five daughters, thirteen grandchildren and one great grandson. Unfortunately they are all in Washington State, so I see them not as often as I would like. My favorite things to do are to read, hike, play golf, ride my Harley, trap, shooting, talk with my kids, my work and spend quality time with my wife. Working at Superstition Harley-Davidson has been a blessing as it has helped me reconnect with the people and industry that has been so important in mine and my family's lives. To all my former and current customers, Keep the rubber side down a smile on your face and a song in your heart.


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Ruthie Jenkins - Motorclothes Manager

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Roscoe the Superstition Harley-Davidson® Service Manager

Carlos Rodriguez Assistant Service Manager

Service Manager - Jeremiah Roscoe

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Assistant Service Manager - Carlos Rodriguez

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Eric Luttermoser Finance Manager @ Superstition Harley-Davidson®

Finance Manager - Eric Luttermoser

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Sales Manager Mason Feaker
E-Business / Marketing Coordinator @ Superstition Harley-Davidson®

Sales - Mason Feaker

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Marketing/E-business Coordinator - Allison "Ali" Bauer 

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Events Coordinator @ Superstition Harley-Davidson®

Event Coordinator Brina Brown

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Receptionist  Melissa Diekman
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Bookkeeper Teri Ellis
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